You can view information and history of MileApp usage fees in the Billing menu.

How to view Subscription history

You can see the history of your MileApp usage fee in the Subscription menu.
  1. Select menu Billing → Subscription.
  2. You can see a list of MileRoute usage subscription history for your company
    1. Cycle: contains the number of times you have subscribed to use MileRoute.
    2. Next billing period: contains information on the date of the next MileRoute usage.
    3. Vehicle: the number of vehicles included in the subscription fee.
    4. Invoice date: contains information on the date you started Subscription.
    5. License type: contains information on the type of license you are using. There are four types of licenses for using MileRoute, namely Free, Basic, Pro, and Enterprise.
    6. Vehicle licenses:
    7. Total amount: the amount of MileRoute usage fee based on the selected license.
  3. Then, if you want to make a subscription payment, it can be done by clicking the Pay button and then selecting the desired payment method.
  4. Click the Details button to view more detailed usage and invoice data.

How to upgrade Subscription license for MileApp

If you want to upgrade your MileRoute license, for example from Basic to Pro, you can do this in the following ways:
  1. Click Billing → Invoice.
  2. A display of various types of MileRoute licenses appears.
  3. Select the desired license by clicking Upgrade.
  4. Then you will switch to the Sub-menu Subscriptions.