After the Task is successfully assigned to each Field Worker, you can track their work directly through the map in the Tracking sub menu.
  1. Click Task → Tracking.
  2. Select the Hub and User you want to track/monitor. You can select users one by one or all users at once.
  3. Then you can see the movement of the User on the map. If the user is online, a circle will appear that moves based on the user's movement in the field.
  4. You can view detailed data for each task by clicking on one of the User numbers on the map.
  5. You can also see some of the statuses and information listed on the map as follows:
    1. Done: displays the number of tasks that have been completed.
    2. Ongoing: displays the number of Tasks currently being worked on.
    3. Travel time: displays the total duration for the Task.
    4. Travel distance: displays the total distance traveled for the task.