a term used to describe the vehicle used by the User to visit.
Import vehicle
the process of retrieving files in the form of Vehicle data from one program to another in a different format.
the process of retrieving data from the server/internet site to the User's personal computer.
Drag and drop file
a term that describes the activity of selecting an object by moving the mouse to a new location while still holding down the left mouse button (drag), then placing the object at that location (drop).
Search vehicle
activities to perform Vehicle search activities by typing keywords in the search field.
Manage vehicle
a form which includes activities to enter Vehicle data manually.
the name required as the identity of the Vehicle.
the name of the Worker assigned to do the Visit by using the related Vehicle.
scheduled time for Users who carry out Visit activities to work in a day.
maximum vehicle speed limit allowed for each Vehicle. Identified in km/h
Vehicle tags
a sign that has a function to make it easier to group Vehicle types.
berat barang maksimal yang dapat yang diangkut dalam 1 Vehicle dalam satuan kilogram (kg).
maximum capacity of goods that can be transported in 1 vehicle in kilograms (kg).
the size of the maximum width of goods that can be transported in 1 Vehicle in meters (m).
save the results of the Visit data input into the MIleApp database.