How to do Optimization

  1. Go to the Vehicle menu
  2. Activate the Vehicles you want to use
  3. Go to the Visit menu
  4. Activate the Visits you want to include
  5. Select the Configuration to use 
  6. Click Optimize

How to See Optimization Results

  1. Go to the Result menu
  2. Select the desired Result date. You can also select the result date range from the calendar icon
  3. Optimized Visit results will appear with detailed data
  4. The map shows the optimization results differentiated by various colors
  5. In the left column, you can see the list of Vehicle used and how many Visit can each Vehicle do
  6. In the middle column, you can see detailed data of the trip
  7. In the right column, you can see the detailed data of each Visit
  8. You can also modify the route optimization results with the drag & drop feature in the Visits column
  9. Click Create as a task to send convert the Visit data to Mobile Task in MileField
  10. Click Options to:
    1. Export Excel: to download the result into Excel format
    2. Save Result: saves route optimization results into the MileApp database
    3. Use Visit: if you want to use Visit data on Result for the next route optimization
    4. Use Vehicle: if you want to use Vehicle data in Result for the next route optimization