What is a Visit?

A Visit is a delivery location that must be served by a registered Vehicle. In actual operation, it can be equated to a task to finish. Visit data can be managed through the Visit menu.

How to create a Visit


  1. Click the "+" button in the upper right corner of the Visit page
  2. Fill in all fields:
    1. Name: Visit Name
    2. Address: Visit address
    3. Coordinates: Visit coordinates with format [latitude, longitude] (optional -- if the address is present, MileApp can automatically fill this in for you)
    4. Work time: The operational hour for each Visit (optional)
    5. Visit time: The estimated time required for every Vehicle to finish a Visit (optional)
    6. Weight (kg): Weight in kilograms (optional)
    7. Volume (m3): Payload per cubic meter (optional)
    8. Width (m): Load in kilograms (optional)
  3. Press "+" to add Visit
  4. Click the Save button

Excel Import

  1. Click the "+" button in the upper right corner of the Visit page

  2. First, you have to download the template by pressing the download button
  3. Open your downloaded excel file named "vehicle_visit"
  4. Fill in all the fields and Save:
    1. Name Visit name
    2. Time WindowThe operational hour for each Visit (optional)
      1. time_window.start_time: Start of Time Window
      2. time_window.end_time: End of Time Window
    3. Visit_time: Duration of each Visit (optional)
    4. Capacity.weight: Weight in kilograms (kg) (optional)
    5. Capacity.volume: Payload per cubic meter (m3) (optional)
    6. Capacity.width:  Width in meters (m) (optional)
  5. Import the excel file.

Import from Result

If you have used MileRoute before, you can call back the Visits from the Result menu:
  1. Go to the Result menu
  2. Click View to the desired Result
  3. Click the Options button
  4. Click the Use Visit button